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red_beignet's Journal

Redmayne Beignet: Quite A Smart Man
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A place to fangirl Eddie's freckles...and admire his incredible talent.

Community Guidelines

001 » No bashing. Obviously, no bashing of Eddie - this should go without saying. We won't tolerate any bashing of any members of this community, or any of Eddie's friends, family, or co-stars. You don't have to always agree with everyone, and you don't have to love every actor/actress that he has ever worked with, but in this community you will show some respect. Got it? Awesome.

002 » When posting please try to keep large images, articles, or spoilers under an LJ-cut; if you aren't sure how to do this, don't be shy - ask for help! Please tag your entries!

003 » Sharing is caring, but be sure to credit and/or link to your sources when making a post. When making a post with anything you've found on another LJ comm, please credit that comm in your entry. When taking information/pictures/etc. from a website, please source link. The inverse is also applicable; if you post something you find here somewhere else, please credit.

004 » Keep your posts on topic. This isn't your personal journal, okay? Random posts will be allowed, but only if you can creatively find a way to somehow include Eddie and make them interactive.

005 » Have Fun, get to know one another, and most importantly, enjoy Eddie and his freckles.

006 » Please contact a mod if you want to affiliate with this community.

007 » Affiliates:
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Eddie has that quality that suggest there is always something in reserve. He is very bright and he doesn't tell us everything about himself upfront, which makes him very interesting..
-- David Blair