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rob - eric packer will fuck you up
This is the PAGE-A-MOD post!

I'm sure most of you know how this post works. It is basically an easier way for you to contact us mods, Mary mangobaby  and Steffy emonet25  instead of writing a pm.

Feel free to use this post for the following:

- questions, concerns, suggestions and any kind of problems regarding red_beignet . This is also a place to report or make any complaints regarding the community or one of our members.

- questions regarding a post you'd like to make. If you're not sure whether something has already been posted or whether or not the content is appropriate, please use this post to ask.

- affiliates. If you'd like to affiliate with red_beignet please make a comment here with the community name in it.

We don't bite so please, feel free to come here and comment. All comments to this entry are screened until viewed by a mod. If your comment is relevant to the public, we'll unscreen it and our answer. Don't worry, we mods won't unscreen your private questions or concerns. We're nice like that.

Redmayne Beignet - An Eddie Redmayne Community
rob - eric packer will fuck you up
WELCOME to Redmayne Beignet!

This is a locked community. You'll need to join in order to see entries. Please be sure to read our Community Guidelines before making a post. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a mod here or PM one of us. Have fun and feel free to promote this community ;)


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